I. General Information

Www.sklep-store owner mustang.pl is:
Online Store Mustang Michael Tomasiewicz
based in Oława, Street bazantowa 2b.
NIP 898-203-59-83, ID 021872198.

Shop Online www.sklep-mustang.pl, called later in the Rules of Procedure, sells goods (riding equipment) through the Internet. Submission and confirmation of the order constitutes acceptance of these Regulations, a voluntary purchasing of goods ordered and consent to the processing of personal data by the Seller, Buyer, for the purpose of the contract. An order is a contract for the purchase - sale within the meaning of the Civil Code.

In order to make effective purchases of goods in the store www.sklep-mustang.pl online, you should have at their disposal: a computer connected to the Internet, Internet access, a web browser compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox> 3, active e-mail account ( e-mail).

All products offered in the store www.sklep-mustang.pl are brand new and free from defects in material and legal
and have been legally introduced into the Polish market, unless the product description is contained clear indication that it is being used.

II. Ordering rules and orders

First Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. Orders are accepted via the www.sklep-mustang.pl or by telephone at +48 888 913 532nd
Second Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 14.00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are processed the next working day. Order processing takes place within a maximum of 2 business days after their adoption or upon completion of all ordered products.
3rd In accordance with applicable law, Mustang Shop Michael Tomasiewicz reserves the right to limit the provision of services via the Store to people who are at least 18 years old. In this case, potential customers will be informed of the above.
4th By placing an order the customer will understand the statement, aimed directly to the conclusion of the sale, specifying in particular the type and quantity of goods which add to cart product range www.sklep-mustang.pl
5th Shortly after placing the order, you get via e-mail containing a summary of selected information products, delivery address, the value of the order, form of payment, method of shipping / pickup. In the absence of receipt of such information, you should contact the www.sklep-mustang.pl by phone or email.
6th Payments for the ordered products can be made via Pay Pal, for collection of goods, the system transfers 24 or bank account Mustang Shop Michael Tomasiewicz.
7th Performance of the contract begins:
• for orders paid on delivery - on receipt by the Seller of the contract;
• In the case of payment by bank transfer - at the time of receipt of funds on behalf of the Seller;
• in the case of payments by service Transfers 24 - at the time of confirmation of receipt by the Seller of the payment;

• In case of payment through Pay Pal service - at the time of receipt by the Seller of the payment confirmation.
8th We reserve the right to verify the order and made the cancellation, in the case justify doubts about the possibility of the contract.
9th For orders shipped outside the Polish borders, we only accept payment by bank transfer, Pay Pal, and through the Przelewy24
10th If within 14 days from the date of confirmation of the availability of the ordered goods dealer, payment will not be regulated, www.sklep-mustang.pl reserves the right to automatically cancel the order.
11th In the event of unavailability of the products in the order, the customer will be informed of the order. It can then decide how its implementation (partial realization, waiting time, cancel all or part of the contract). If you do not respond within 5 days of the Buyer, shop reserves the right to send the available items in the order or cancel the order.
12th For orders paid when the store is unable to fulfill the contract as a whole, www.sklep-mustang.pl inform the consumer of this fact. In case of cancellation of the missing item or the entire order, www.sklep-mustang.pl returns prepayment given by the consumer to the bank account
13th In the case of sales promotions and sales, order fulfillment is the order in which order. To sales promotions and sales, to be a limited number of goods. If you run out of stocks covered by this type of sale, www.sklep-mustang.pl reserves the right adjustments and send a half-order or cancel the order.
14th At the time, after which the products are ordered into the hands of the person who ordered, consists of lead time and the time it takes the Polish Post / courier to deliver the parcel to the address indicated by the buyer, but there are only taken into account working days.
15th All prices quoted on the website www.sklep-mustang.pl are gross prices (including VAT).
16th Each order is issued a receipt. Issue a VAT invoice at the individual request of the contracting authority.
17th You may cancel your order by phone or e-mail us at the address sklep@sklep-mustang.pl, until the goods are not shipped to the customer remain.

III. Shipping and payment

First Goods ordered online store www.sklep-mustang.pl deliver to the whole of Polish by Polish Post and kuriereskimi work with companies: DHL, UPS, DPD. Delivery time is one-two working days to most places in Poland (for small and very remote villages sometimes two - three working days).
Second Shop is not responsible for damage caused by shipment of mail or courier. The customer is obliged to check the delivery status at the reception, in the presence of an employee of the Polish Post / courier, immediately report the complaint to the appropriate transport company and inform the www.sklep-mustang.pl. Complaints relating to mechanical damage of the consignment, have occurred in transit will be considered only after the completion of damage protocol signed by the recipient and supplier shipment.
3rd The cost of delivery of goods ordered on Polish territory is consistent with the rates of Polish Post on priority items for couriers BW gauge the rate per parcel up to 30 kg. Is 20 zł. The Company Online Store Mustang Michael Tomasiewicz reserves the right to choose the courier service courier performing. For orders over 500 zł, fully cover the cost of shipping (domestic shipments only). Free shipping does not apply to bulky goods such as feed, feed hoppers, electric fence stakes and etc. Delivery costs depend on the country's foreign supply and the total weight of the goods ordered.
4th On orders shipping customer is informed of this fact by e-mail.

IV. Returns and exchanges

First Under the Act of March 2, 2000 "On the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product," A consumer may cancel the contract and return goods purchased in store www.sklep-mustang.pl for any reason, within 10 days from the date of delivery.
Second In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered null and void and the consumer shall be released from any obligations. That's what parties rendered is returned unchanged unless a change was necessary in the ordinary management. Along with odsyłanym goods, the Customer is obliged to return any products which was free of charge, and a voucher / confirmation of purchase. Returns must be made immediately, no later than fourteen calendar days.
3rd Returned goods should be returned together with the received along with the receipt (VAT invoice), documents and a written statement of resignation from the purchase to the following address:

Online Store Mustang Michael Tomasiewicz

Ul. 2b pheasants

55-200 Oława

4th The fee for returned merchandise will be paid into your bank account within 14 days from the date we receive your shipment.

5th Shipping costs of returned or exchanged goods covered by the customer. All returns and the cost of consignments www.sklep-mustang.pl not be accepted, unless other arrangements have occurred earlier.
6th Postage costs, in the case of replacement resulting from the incorrect execution of the contract by the shop-mustang.pl www.sklep, cover www.sklep-mustang.pl. Shipping costs to www.sklep-mustang.pl covered by the customer. In case you make a mistake www.sklep-mustang.pl reimburse you for the cost of shipping to www.sklep-mustang.pl, the amount resulting from the amount on the bill of lading.
7th Goods, the return / exchange will not be considered (sent after the deadline, with no account or letter of complaint, without tags or boxes, dirty, damaged), it will be returned at the expense of the customer.

V. Complaints

First Shop www.sklep-mustang.pl, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code (Articles 556 - 576, OJ May 18, 1964 No. 16, item. 93, as amended), and the Law of the specific ro 27-07-2002 conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code (Official Gazette of 5 September 2002, No. 141, item. 1176), consider complaints within 2 years from the date of purchase of the article ..
Second Shop is responsible for the lack of conformity, when he sold the thing is vitiated (flaw - reduces the value of things, the usefulness of things when the does not have the properties, which were written on the shop-konie.pl amigo, when the released able incomplete, incomplete), and at the time of conclusion of the contract the buyer knew. The prerequisite for the entitlement to the complaint, a written notice of the defect within 2 months from the date of its discovery.

3rd In respect of non-conformity, the Buyer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract price reduction, replacement of defective goods to another, without defects, defect removal. The complaint will be considered by the www.sklep-mustang.pl within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product being advertised, along with the required documents to the following address:
Online Store Mustang Michael Tomasiewicz
ul. 2b Bażantowi
55 - 200 Coaches
4th The method of handling customer complaints will be notified by phone or in writing. If the complaint is considered, in the first place will be made free of charge repair and will be delivered back to the customer at the expense of www.sklep-mustang.pl. If the repair is impossible or would require excessive costs or if www.sklep-mustang.pl not be able to satisfy customer request in a timely manner-goods will be replaced.
5th The costs associated with the delivery of the goods advertised for www.sklep-mustang.pl, covered by the customer. Please also note that we do not accept any items returned to us on delivery.
6th Complaints relating to mechanical damage incurred during transport and the lack of goods, will be considered only at the time of receipt of goods in the presence of the shipper.

VI. Other findings

First Shop is committed to the protection of personal data in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. for the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item. 883). According to this law, customers have the right to store their data access, to correct them and make a request to discontinue their use.
Second Online Store Mustang Michael Tomasiewicz reserves the right to change these regulations. Changes to the regulaminui their registered customers will be notified by e-mail (to the indicated during registration e-mail). The current version of the regulations is always available for the customer wzakładce rules. In the course of the contract and throughout the post-sale customer care subject to the regulations approved when ordering.
3rd Despite making every effort to ensure that on the website www.sklep-mustang.pl descriptions were consistent with the facts, we can not guarantee that it does not contain any errors or omissions, which may not give rise to claims Product photos on this website www.sklep -mustang.pl may differ slightly from goods sold .. Therefore, in case of any doubt, before placing an order, please contact us at sklep@sklep-mustang.pl.
4th In cases not covered by the above rules, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.